Bethany DiPetrillo Life Coach

Welcome! I’m legit so happy that you’re here.

Why? Because I want to see you believe in yourself. I want to see you take control of your future. I want to see you live the life you are meant to live.  And more than anything I want to see you step into your greatness and become the best version of yourself.

“The hardest step she took was blindly trusting in who she was.”


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I believe that we’re here to

break the rules.

We’re here to shatter ceilings. We’re here to destroy the stories + limiting beliefs that hold us back from our greatness.

We’re not here to play small.

I truly wish for everyone to connect to their heart… and have the life they want. And not the life that we are told we should want or society’s depiction of a “good life.”  But a life our hearts choose; a life that is meaningful, rich with

connection, purpose + soul.

Success Stories

I've worked with Bethany for a couple of years now. Her insight, her wisdom, her positive energy have helped me at key moments, providing a perspective I couldn't see at the time. But she knows the right questions to ask, she knows the steps to take if you're looking to achieve a fuller life.

Bill S.

Bethany is an amazing woman and coach… I’m blessed to not only know her on a professional level, but as a friend. She is overflowing with grace, passion, integrity, wisdom and love. “Still waters run deep”…She sources you to open your mind to look deeper into who & what really matters, and why! She is not afraid to ask the questions…She is not here to just make things warm & fuzzy…her purpose is to make a difference in the world! When I think of Bethany DiPetrillo…the words “Old Soul” echo clearly…loves knowledge, wisdom & truth…sees the bigger picture…true spirit…always seeking enlightenment and to enlighten…realizes their is so much more than our physical being…a true Humanitarian and gift to the world…

Sue F.

Bethany is a remarkable, wise, intelligent woman who listens free of judgment and hones in to help you unpack the stuff of being human. She has an open-minded generosity of someone who has traveled the world in time and space, exploring different philosophies and ideas and arriving, in the end, at the same results. Her passion to make a difference in the world is unbelievable. Watching her do what she loves and watching her make a difference in the lives of others is an incredible experience.

Angela B.

Bethany is my go to girl when "life" happens, she always asks me the best questions to guide me to make the best choices for me. She picks me up and supports me when I feel like I have nothing left in my gas tank. She is real, she is transparent and her heart and intentions are pure. I am so very blessed to call this beautiful soul a friend.

Rosmarie S.

Take Charge Of Your Life

If you are about change, self discovery, learning to trust yourself, taking risks, happiness + belly laughs – You are going to LOVE it here.

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